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Longwood - The unfinished dream home of Haller Nutt

An Oriental Villa for Natchez

Longwood was designed by Philadelphia architect Samuel Sloan for Haller and Julia Nutt, Mississippi natives and members of Natchez's planter elite. Construction of the grand, octagonal edifice began in 1860 but was halted in 1861 by rising tensions over the Civil War. While the exterior of Sloan's Oriental Villa was largely complete, the home's interior was left unfinished except for the lowest level. The Nutt family lived in this finely furnished basement until the twentieth century. Colloquially known as “Nutt's Folly,” the property was deeded to the Pilgrimage Garden Club in 1970 by the McAdams Foundation and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1971.

A hive of activity

The grand, octagonal residence was only one of a constellation of important sites that peppered Nutt's 90-acre tract just outside the Natchez city limits. These included a cemetery, a detached kitchen, a “Necessary” or privy, and a carriage house. A three-story brick building known as the “servant's quarters” housed as many as 32 slaves who worked in the Nutt home as cooks, nannies, and maids.

Today visitors can tour the home, inspect the basement living areas as well as the unfinished upper floors and walk the grounds where Julia Nutt once tended to her vegetable garden, orchards, and acres of roses. A walking tour of the kitchen, privy, and cemetery is available, maps are located in the Gift Shop.

The Pilgrimage Garden Club is currently in the process of restoring the detached kitchen to its original design.

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